Week 5

Setting up a Storify account was simple enough with the option to log in with facebook/twitter. I feel like there’s no distinction between actual stories and garbage though. One minute I’m reading about the terror attacks in Brussels and the next I’m reading an article that tells me how to see the world more like Obama. Although this means there’s a lot of variety I feel like it’s very easy to get lost.

I chose to review the social media networking site ‘Raptr’. Raptr is currently the most popular gaming social network site out there. It allows users from a variety of platforms to discuss their favorite games, post their own gaming videos and stats and communicate with other like minded members of the online community.

As one might suspect, the vast majority of the sites users are gamers, with each having their own wall and activity feed to post content to. However the largest amount of conversation occurs in the community section of the site, where users can post threads about any variety of gaming topics and discuss them with others.

The site is very easy to navigate and there’s even a Raptr application for windows that makes it easier for gamers to share their experiences online. Personally, the part about Raptr that most interests me is to just see other peoples exciting or hilarious game-play moments. I can’t exactly picture myself using it professionally unless I was a pro gamer, or possibly in the future if I became a game developer.


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