Week 4

My parents came to the agreement earlier today that their children were the most important things in their lives. My mother, Sarah Rutherford, said she wouldn’t change her children one bit.
“You’re all good at things in your own way, even though David has to do the most stupid assessment,” she said.
My father, Edward John Rutherford, said that the day my sister was born, he knew our family was complete.

“I tried for a girl and failed four out of five times,” he said. He later went on to say that he loves all of us equally, despite later claiming that the child that brings him a beer would receive his devoted affection.
The Rutherford family consists of five eccentric individuals (including myself) spanning from the ages 24 – 13. My mother, said whilst she was over over the moon to receive 5 beautiful children, was surprised by our height growing up. “Your father and I are the shortest two in the family, I can’t believe it,” she said.



I feel as though I didn’t understand this activity well enough to complete it effectively and I don’t think it’s really helped with my learning in any way.


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