Week 3

The first event I plan to potentially cover is the 2016 AFL Capricornia Grand Final. This annual event is held on the 3rd of September, usually in Rockhampton. This year it is being held at the Rockhampton Cricket Grounds. It is a public event that allows cameras so I have no need to get accredited. The event is a series of AFL games and I hope to get a quote from several people there, I’m trying for a member of the audience, a player and a coach or manager. This event will interest mainly AFL fans but also really anyone who has a keen interest in sports.

The other event I’m considering covering is “Beach Day Out” a free community even hosted in Emu Park which aims to promote equality for the disabled. The event isn’t until the 19th so it’s much less likely that this will be the event I cover. It’s public so accreditation isn’t needed and I’m going to hopefully interview several people including stall owners and if I can an organiser of the event. This event may interest others because it it free, fun and for a good cause.

In Kate’s video the three main points as to why planning are important are:
Time flies: Be in the right place at the right time or you’ll miss out on the story
Main Events: Know the schedule and when the main events are taking place.
Accreditation: Think about whether you need accreditation to cover your event and if so take steps to ensure you receive it.


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