Week 2

The trending topic that has caught my interest most is #justinssextapeleakedparty which is obviously to to with the recent gossip that Justin Beiber and new girlfriend Sofia Richie has a sex taped leaked online.

I was unable to find any local media coverage of the event but I did find an article about it on the kiis1065 website (for Kyle and Jacki O in the morning, a popular radio show), which talks about the reaction from fans and includes some tweets accusing him of having sex in public.

Twitter is fastly becoming a news empire of it’s own, with avid users hearing the latest stories long before they hit newspapers or television; twitter is the king of citizen journalism. However news broadcasters are using this to their advantage, using twitter to find things like interesting stories, support or evidence for something they’re discussing and even to hear others opinions. In fact, ‘The Independent’, a UK online news tabloid, has a section of their website completely dedicated to news spawning from twitter. The majority of which being stories about others reactions to insensitive, racist or hateful tweets, interesting twitter trends or celebrity tweets that caused some sort of large commotion or debate.


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