Week 6

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Week 5

Setting up a Storify account was simple enough with the option to log in with facebook/twitter. I feel like there’s no distinction between actual stories and garbage though. One minute I’m reading about the terror attacks in Brussels and the next I’m reading an article that tells me how to see the world more like Obama. Although this means there’s a lot of variety I feel like it’s very easy to get lost.

I chose to review the social media networking site ‘Raptr’. Raptr is currently the most popular gaming social network site out there. It allows users from a variety of platforms to discuss their favorite games, post their own gaming videos and stats and communicate with other like minded members of the online community.

As one might suspect, the vast majority of the sites users are gamers, with each having their own wall and activity feed to post content to. However the largest amount of conversation occurs in the community section of the site, where users can post threads about any variety of gaming topics and discuss them with others.

The site is very easy to navigate and there’s even a Raptr application for windows that makes it easier for gamers to share their experiences online. Personally, the part about Raptr that most interests me is to just see other peoples exciting or hilarious game-play moments. I can’t exactly picture myself using it professionally unless I was a pro gamer, or possibly in the future if I became a game developer.

Week 4

My parents came to the agreement earlier today that their children were the most important things in their lives. My mother, Sarah Rutherford, said she wouldn’t change her children one bit.
“You’re all good at things in your own way, even though David has to do the most stupid assessment,” she said.
My father, Edward John Rutherford, said that the day my sister was born, he knew our family was complete.

“I tried for a girl and failed four out of five times,” he said. He later went on to say that he loves all of us equally, despite later claiming that the child that brings him a beer would receive his devoted affection.
The Rutherford family consists of five eccentric individuals (including myself) spanning from the ages 24 – 13. My mother, said whilst she was over over the moon to receive 5 beautiful children, was surprised by our height growing up. “Your father and I are the shortest two in the family, I can’t believe it,” she said.



I feel as though I didn’t understand this activity well enough to complete it effectively and I don’t think it’s really helped with my learning in any way.

Week 3

The first event I plan to potentially cover is the 2016 AFL Capricornia Grand Final. This annual event is held on the 3rd of September, usually in Rockhampton. This year it is being held at the Rockhampton Cricket Grounds. It is a public event that allows cameras so I have no need to get accredited. The event is a series of AFL games and I hope to get a quote from several people there, I’m trying for a member of the audience, a player and a coach or manager. This event will interest mainly AFL fans but also really anyone who has a keen interest in sports.

The other event I’m considering covering is “Beach Day Out” a free community even hosted in Emu Park which aims to promote equality for the disabled. The event isn’t until the 19th so it’s much less likely that this will be the event I cover. It’s public so accreditation isn’t needed and I’m going to hopefully interview several people including stall owners and if I can an organiser of the event. This event may interest others because it it free, fun and for a good cause.

In Kate’s video the three main points as to why planning are important are:
Time flies: Be in the right place at the right time or you’ll miss out on the story
Main Events: Know the schedule and when the main events are taking place.
Accreditation: Think about whether you need accreditation to cover your event and if so take steps to ensure you receive it.

Week 2

The trending topic that has caught my interest most is #justinssextapeleakedparty which is obviously to to with the recent gossip that Justin Beiber and new girlfriend Sofia Richie has a sex taped leaked online.

I was unable to find any local media coverage of the event but I did find an article about it on the kiis1065 website (for Kyle and Jacki O in the morning, a popular radio show), which talks about the reaction from fans and includes some tweets accusing him of having sex in public.

Twitter is fastly becoming a news empire of it’s own, with avid users hearing the latest stories long before they hit newspapers or television; twitter is the king of citizen journalism. However news broadcasters are using this to their advantage, using twitter to find things like interesting stories, support or evidence for something they’re discussing and even to hear others opinions. In fact, ‘The Independent’, a UK online news tabloid, has a section of their website completely dedicated to news spawning from twitter. The majority of which being stories about others reactions to insensitive, racist or hateful tweets, interesting twitter trends or celebrity tweets that caused some sort of large commotion or debate.

Week 1

At first glance the two stories seem remarkably similar, both are on the same topic of course which is Billy Slater’s appointment to an ambassador role for Queensland thoroughbred horse racing.

However as the stories progress the two sources begin to take a different approach to how they tell the story. The Government statement speaks more about the positive influence Slater will have on the racing community such as helping horse racing appeal to a wider audience. In contrast, the newspaper article goes into much more detail about Slater’s passion for horses and his desire to own and potentially train his own, it also makes mention of another famous players association with greyhound racing. I personally like Billy Slater but I have little to no interest in his horse racing career, it doesn’t personally affect me in any way and I don’t bet on horses.

Technologies effect on Communication

With the rapid invention and adoption of new technology, especially in recent years, the medium of communication has changed dramatically. We can now communicate across long distances to large groups of people almost instantaneously through conference calls, webcam meetings etc.; but it wasn’t always this way. The way in which we communicate has changed countless times throughout history, the first postal service was established nearly 3000 years ago (Pearson, 2016); and people since have learned to adapt to new technologies as they are released. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patented the electric telephone, and communication changed (Hochfelder, 2016). In late 1990, Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote the three fundamental codes that remain the foundation of today’s web and the World Wide Web was born (Peter, 2004).

World Wide Web, Www, Lettering, World, Internet, Globe

In the present, internet modalities have largely replaced paper and other primitive wire-based communication (Kelly, 2015). Then, in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, the world was introduced to the smartphone (McCarty, 2012). Once again, the way in which humanity communicated evolved; and the era of digital communication swept over the globe.

Although recent technology has opened up an entire new platform to communicate on, it is still largely debated as to whether the smartphone has actually helped humans to communicate better (Westenberg, 2016). Whilst it has helped us in certain areas, such as long distance calling, texting, photographs etc. It is widely speculated that smartphones can cause problems with the ability to form a relationship when face to face with another person (Westenberg, 2016). Amanda Kick (2015) theorizes that generations Z’s reliance on technology may cause future complications in the workplace due to bad interpersonal communication skills. All in all technology has made it easier, faster and more fun to communicate with each other, and there is no indication of innovation slowing down any time soon

How technology has affected the way I communicate: https://soundcloud.com/david-rutherford-491517034/how-technology-has-affected-my-communication 


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